About Us

Our Family

With 6 kids ages 10-17, you'd probably think our lives are too busy raise these wonderful pets as well. NOT SO! Our children love animals and  willingly help with the pet chores. They also handle each puppy daily and give them the love and attention the puppies crave. This family environment ensures that your puppy will be ready for all the love and attention that you can give it from the very first day!

Our Favorite Pets

Our German Shepherd, Shadow, is probably the best dog ever! She listens great, is gentle with the kids, has free roam of the open yard, stays home, and she does a hand full of tricks. Her puppies have been a HUGE hit with their new homes.

Everyone loves a Samoyed. Beautiful, smiling, and softer than a fresh cotton ball! No matter how much you love your Sammie, they will love you more!